This is East Harlem.. Or as we call it, El Barrio!

There is something really special about East Harlem that makes it a true New York City neighborhood. The people, the food, the arts, music and fashion, all tell the story of its history and the many cultures that have shaped East Harlem.
Encompassing northeastern Manhattan from 96th Street to 139th Street, between the East River and Fifth Avenue, East Harlem—also known as El Barrio—feels a bit more intimate, than much of Manhattan. While East Harlem maintains its strong Puerto Rican cultural identity, its residents and businesses also represent a myriad of cultures, including: Italian, Caribbean, Mexican, Middle-Eastern and many others.
We invite you to enjoy El Barrio’s real community feel, admire the public art, visit the museums and galleries, savor delicious foods, stop by La Marqueta (a marketplace from the 1930s), and check out the many unique local shops.

Visit El Barrio is a joint partnership of Hope Community, Inc. and the New York City Department of Small Business Services.

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